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5 Notable Animal Rescues And What They Are Doing Right

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Rescue dogs rock. Plain and simple. I chose to adopt my three dogs from notable dog rescues in my local area. Have they been perfect? No! Have they all arrived in my home with a challenge that needed addressing through either or training or veterinary care? Yes! Would I ever buy a dog from a breeder? […]

Rescue dogs rock. Plain and simple. I chose to adopt my three dogs from notable dog rescues in my local area. Have they been perfect? No! Have they all arrived in my home with a challenge that needed addressing through either or training or veterinary care? Yes! Would I ever buy a dog from a breeder? Most likely not. One of the most gratifying experiences of my life has been rescuing dogs of various sizes, ages, and breeds and giving them a place to call home.

I believe that animal rescues give animals the opportunity to live a long and happy life with a forever family who is willing to spoil them rotten. Many lost, abandoned, sick, or stray animals arrive at shelters each year. According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, roughly 3.3 million are dogs, and 3.2 million are cats. I wanted to share with you five notable animals rescues that are nailing it when it comes to caring for animals and communities throughout the world.

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5 Notable Animal Rescues And What They Are Doing Right

Soi Dog

Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Asia. The mission is to end the dog meat trade throughout the region and respond to animal welfare disasters and emergencies. Soi Dog works to set an example in Asia on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering.  The organization betters the lives of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia. Soi Dog operates on financial donations as well as a monthly sponsorship program. This program makes a direct, personal and positive impact on the animals in Asia. Soi Dog also accepts donations from veterinarians for much-needed medicines and equipment.

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Danny and Ron's Rescue

This list would not be complete without mentioning the work of Danny and Ron's Rescue. I've met these guys a few times, and they are nice as they look in this photo! The rescue began in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina left many dogs homeless and in need of medical care. Danny & Ron’s Rescue is unlike any other rescue organization. Danny and Ron have turned their own house into the ultimate haven. They care for injured and abused animals until they are ready for adoption.

Each dog receives an examination from a veterinarian. They receive vaccinations, microchips, deworming, grooming, and love.  What I love about this organization is that each dog is treated as part of the family. They are fed organic dog food from a personal bowl and even allowed to sleep in the bed. Danny and Ron have placed over 10,000 animals in loving homes. Here are some of the current pets searching for nurturing homes. 

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I first discovered Brooke after returning from a trip to Ethiopia. The living conditions of horses, donkeys, and mules saddened me. I knew there must be an organization that invested in educating communities about how to care for these animals properly. I learned about Brooke and how they are reducing the immediate suffering of the world’s most vulnerable working horses, donkeys, and mules. Brooke operates in Africa, Asia, The Middle East, and Latin America.

It is also working to achieve global impact and sustainable improvement in the communities where these animals help to put food on tables, send children to school and build better futures in the developing world. The welfare of these animals is often overlooked around the world. However, teaching communities how to care for them is directly linked to reducing extreme poverty. 

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Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home

Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home has been around since the 1800's in The United Kingdom. They welcomed their first stray dog in 1860 and have been placing animals since then. They believe that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care, and respect. Battersea is unique in that it is one of the few animal rescue centers that have a non-selective intake policy. This means that they accept any breed of animal, at any age, including dogs or cats with severe medical and behavioral problems. They provide community education through regular educational talks, visits to schools and public events.

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Last Chance For Animals

Last Chance for Animals is an international, non-profit organization that eliminates animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and media attention.  They believe that animals exist for their own reasons independent of their service to humans. Last Chance For Animals opposes the use of animals in food and clothing production, scientific experimentation, and entertainment. It promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle for all animals. They fight against anything involving cruelty to animals including puppy mills, slaughterhouses, and cruelty to carriage horses.  The organization sustains on monetary donations. You can also leave Last Chance for Animals in your will. This gesture memorializes your compassion for animals and guarantees that your voice for animals will carry on.

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Bringing home a new pet is incredibly exciting as is helping animals in need throughout the world.  It is truly a feel-good experience and gives you the opportunity to help animals who cannot help themselves. All of these notable animal rescues play a significant role in reducing the number of suffering animals each year.

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