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Live longer and be healthier!

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland, Health

A recent report from Nature on 7th November this year (2017) has all sorts of good news for dog owners, especially in single households. Live longer and be healthier! Lets start with the conclusion: In conclusion, in a nationwide population based study with 12 years of follow-up, we show that dog ownership is associated with […]

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Should we ditch Rover and get a virtual-robot pet?

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in News

Ditch Rover and get a virtual or robot pet? Clearly not, but this article from the Guardian has a short study of pets and in particular dogs over the centuries. Some of it does not make great reading. The basis of the article comes from a book: “Run spot run”, The ethics of keeping pets. […]

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Packing list for your dog

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, Travel

Don't just think that it's just the kids that need packing for, the family pet needs some thought!

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Uber needs to come to heel

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Cause, News, Regulations, Travel

Kevin Frost, who is legally deaf and blind, has been initially refused service by Uber three times in the last month as he tried to access it with his service dog, Lewis. That's against the law.Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia As the article says Lewis the guide dog is handsome, friendly, professional and hard-working. But he is, alas, […]

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Old dog movies to make you weep

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland, Films

Eight old dog movies. Grab the tissues! We all love movies of various types but one like Lassie come rip the heart strings!

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Hotel of the week

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Destinations, Luxury, Reviews, Travel

In the heart of Dartmoor National Park and 15 minutes from the A30, the historic, luxurious Bovey Castle sits high on the valley's edge. It offers a spa and golf course, and free parking. The property is part of the Eden Hotel Collection which has been awarded AA Small Hotel Group of the Year 2014 […]

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Disney hotels to allow dogs! Hoorah!

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Cute, Dogland, Humour, Travel

Disney world now allows dogs into some of the hotels. It's been coming for some time. Other hotels have added pressure!

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Breed All About It – Dog Breeds starting With W – Weimaraner

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland

09/11/2017 Weimaraner Narrator: Weimaraners were born to run. Andrea: A Weimaraner is not a dog that you're just going to sort of bring into your home and he's going to sit there on the couch looking at you serenely. Narrator: The Weimaraner is a head-turning, graceful, muscular, medium-sized, silvery gray dog with a tail […]

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US Pet Passport Regulations – Traveling with Your Dog To The United States

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, How To's, Regulations, Travel

In The United States, the pet import rules are pretty easy!  When traveling with your dog to The United States, the regulations are the same whether you drive your dog, fly, or travel by other means.  All animals entering (or re-entering) the US are subject to the same laws, regardless of the port or method of […]

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Dog Videos – – Dogs Alarm Clocks – Dogs waking up Owners

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland

10/03/2017 Dog Videos – Dogs Alarm Clocks – Dogs waking up Owners Each week we look across the web and share the best dog travelling advice, dog blogs and more Click here for more local information about #travellingwithdogs This post was created for your dogs pleasure by Cruella, our chief travel correspondent and your […]

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Hurt or Injured on Holiday – All You Need To Know

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, Hoomans, How To's, Travel

Bringing your dog on holiday has become more popular than ever as the number of pet-friendly accommodations have increased. In The United States, over two million pets and other live animals are transported by air every year, according to The US Department of Transportation. This is very promising news, but what do you do if […]

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Oh, damn! You caught me

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Humour, Videos

Oh damn! This Hooman is onto me!

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Dogs Pet Shop – Food and drink – Slow Feed Dog Bowls

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland

09/28/2017 Slow Feed Dog Bowls Does your dog eat too quickly? If so. this can help These are inexpensive and come in all sorts of shapes and colours Available on Amazon We had a read through the comments on this video and this made us laugh Dogs are smart aren't they! “Oh my gosh, […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Pet Passports & Taking Your Pet Abroad

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, Regulations, Travel

When it’s time to take a well deserved holiday with your dog, planning needs to start far in advance. Your pet’s documents and vaccinations need to be complete, accurate and current. There are many documents required for traveling with your pet. Owners must be sure to research the requirements for the country they are going […]

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Swimming With Your Dog – Safety Tips For The Summer

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, Hoomans, Lifestyle, Travel

One of the best parts of owning a dog is watching them swim during the summer months. Many dogs love to swim, and their joy is palpable when they leap into the water chasing after a tennis ball or stick, then enthusiastically return it to their owners. However, there are many safety tips for swimming […]

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What’s On In Dogland – News – Pup Idol

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland

09/09/2017 Yep, forget Pop Idol, pack up your dog and head over to Pup Idol instead. It takes place on the 8th of July between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm at The Garden Gate pub in Hampstead. Categories include ‘Miss Hampstead’, ‘Cutest Pup’ and ‘Golden Oldie’. See the video in order to get a real […]

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Dog Travel Clothes – 5 Stylish and Practical Travel Outfits for Dogs

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Clothes, Lifestyle

More and more airports include many dogs and their owners heading off to exotic destinations around the world. Every year, millions of pets fly the friendly skies. Dogs are routinely cruising, relaxing, hiking and exploring with their owners rather than staying behind at a shelter or doggie day care.  Putting together a packing list for […]

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5 Notable Animal Rescues And What They Are Doing Right

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Cause, Hoomans

Rescue dogs rock. Plain and simple. I chose to adopt my three dogs from notable dog rescues in my local area. Have they been perfect? No! Have they all arrived in my home with a challenge that needed addressing through either or training or veterinary care? Yes! Would I ever buy a dog from a breeder? […]

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Dog Travel Anxiety: The Best Natural Remedies For Calming Your Dog

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Guides, Travel

Let’s face it. Dog travel anxiety can put a serious damper on your holiday plans! Some dogs do waaaaaay better with change than others. Many times our furry friends can zip from holiday to holiday without a single worry, but other times they need some assistance when adjusting to a new environment. There is no […]

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Video Of The Week – – Cute Babies Sleeping With Dogs – Dog Loves Baby Videos 2017

By <a>{authorName}</a> on {date} in Dogland

06/28/2017 Video Of The Week – Cute Babies Sleeping With Dogs – Dog Loves Baby Videos 2017 Each week we look across the web and share the best dog travelling advice, dog blogs and more Click here for more local information about #travellingwithdogs This post was created for your dogs pleasure by Cruella, our […]

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