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best dog beaches in europe

Taking Your Dog To The Beach – 6 Unique Dog Friendly Beaches in Europe

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Most dog lovers will agree that the beach is a dog’s paradise. Taking your dog to the beach requires a bit of extra preparation, but the effort is worth it to see your canine companions having the time of their lives. There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful beaches in Europe, but not all beaches are as […]

Most dog lovers will agree that the beach is a dog’s paradise. Taking your dog to the beach requires a bit of extra preparation, but the effort is worth it to see your canine companions having the time of their lives. There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful beaches in Europe, but not all beaches are as fond of dogs as you are. It's important to do some research ahead of time to make sure that your dog is allowed on the beach you plan to visit. Some permit dogs with restrictions, like requiring them to be leashed at all times. Other beaches are created with dog's in mind and offer amenities such as dog bowls, dog beds and showers specified just for dogs. As you plan your next holiday with your dog, consider these six unique dog friendly beaches in Europe.

6 Unique Dog Friendly Beaches in Europe

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1. Noordwijk Beach, Noordwijk, Netherlands – Dog Beaches in The Netherlands

This dog beach inspires romance, excites visitors and inspires artists all year round. It is also a beach that you and your dog can relax at together. If you go at the right time of year, you and your dog will enjoy the tulips as well as the beach. Part of the beach is open to pups year-round, and one section is dog-friendly only from September to May. This beach has a dog friendly restaurant, a designated dog walking route. There are many accommodations that are happy to house you and your dog while you visit.  Of course, there are many rules to follow when visiting this exclusive beach, but all in all you and your dog will love exploring the rugged dunes of Noordwijk Beach.

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2. Rimini No Problem Dog Beach, Rimini, Italy – Dog Beaches in Italy

This beach allows humans ONLY if they are accompanying their dog! You read this correctly- dogs are required if you want to visit this beach. Surfside umbrellas, an agility area, showers specifically for your dog, dog mats, and bowls are readily available for your dog to enjoy. There are also free training classes for your dog to participate in. This award winning dog beach in Italy offers your choice of fenced in areas or open umbrellas while you and your dog soak in the sunshine. Established in 2014, the Rimini No Problem Dog Beach is the place to be!

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3. La Spiaggia di Pluto, Bibione, Italy – Dog Beaches in Italy

A fun beach for you and your dog to explore is in Bibione, Italy. From May through September you and your pet can enjoy sunbeds, bowls filled with water and free poopie bags. There are showers for dog’s to rinse off in after a long day of rolling in the sand.  Dogs can swim in front of the beach with their owner for as long as they want to. This beach also posts information about local veterinarians in case your dog has a health issue while swimming. There is an agility dog field, obedience courses, and other pet friendly games.

Dogs that visit this beach must be vaccinated against rabies and be tattooed or micro-chipped. The owner must carry the dog vaccinations booklet with them as well. The beach is regularly cleaned and sanitized thanks to a special machine using a pet-friendly detergent, recommended by vets. You and your dog can also enjoy the 2km walk to the Bibione lighthouse as part of your visit.

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4. Crikvenica Beach, Crikvenica, Croatia – Dog Friendly Beaches in Croatia

In 2016, Croatia opened its first ever dog beach. The beach is located in the small town of Crikvenica, on Croatia's Adriatic Coast. Dogs love to relax in the warm temperatures of the Adriatic Sea. They can also rest in the shade and enjoy an ice cream along with their owners, before splashing back into the sea. The beach also serves a non-alcoholic dog beer called “Snuffle” which is made from beef or chicken and malt barley extracts. This article lists many other dog friendly beaches in Croatia that have popped up as dog beaches gain popularity in the region.

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5. Howth Secret Beach, Dublin Ireland – Taking Your Dog To The Beach in Ireland

At the northern boundary of Dublin Bay lies the small fishing village of Howth. There is a very small beach in Howth with soft sand that dog’s love to explore. At low tide, the beach joins up with burrow beach. It makes for a terrific walk with your dog at any time of day in the warmer months.  The sand is packed, making walking and sea shell collecting easy. It is called the “secret beach” by locals since many people don't even know it exists. This is a must stop beach when visiting Dublin with your dog.

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6. Killiney Hill Beach, Dublin Ireland – Taking Your Dog To The Beach in Ireland

Killiney Hill is a dream for dogs and their owners. Many who visit this recreational area refer to it as doggie heaven. Dogs love long walks (on a leash) and a quick swim when visiting. Near the Victoria Gates in the square tower, there is also a nice dog-friendly café. While eating you can legally let your dogs off leash and let them run until they need to return to your feet for a much-needed rest.

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Tips For Brining Your Dog To The Beach in Europe

Remember when visiting dog friendly beaches in Europe to bring your own water, be aware of possible dangers to your dogs such as glass, and read all the beach rules thoroughly before you make the trip. Dogs can get sunburned too, especially breeds with short coats or light colored fur. Dog noses are especially susceptible to burns. You can find dog-friendly sunscreens to apply to their nose and ears, but avoid creams containing zinc, which can be toxic for dogs. Of course, pick up after your dog and give them a good rinse with fresh water after a day at the beach. This will help keep his coat in tiptop shape, plus will prevent any foul day-after-the-beach odor.

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