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A Guide to Spa Treatments For Dogs In Europe

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The word spa conjures up images of rest and relaxation. More often than not, travelers are incorporating luxury spa visits into their European holidays. A balance between adventure and personal indulgence is now the norm for today’s travelers. Of course, humans are now booking spa treatments for thier dogs while they travel in Europe.Many lucky […]

The word spa conjures up images of rest and relaxation. More often than not, travelers are incorporating luxury spa visits into their European holidays. A balance between adventure and personal indulgence is now the norm for today’s travelers. Of course, humans are now booking spa treatments for thier dogs while they travel in Europe.Many lucky dogs integrate a gentle massage or another spa service into their holiday to revive their body and soul. Traditional pet treatments include massages, pet manicures, body wraps, invigorating hikes, and aromatherapy.

Spa Treatments For Dogs In Europe– Why Pamper My Pooch?

Massages and Body Wraps For Dogs

The benefits of spa treatments in dogs do not differ much from humans. According to, “One of the most valuable assets of animal massage is health maintenance. Regular massage aids in early detection of abnormalities, such as swelling, injury or sensitive areas, and facilitates early medical diagnosis of problems. In some cases, the time element can be life-saving. The animal's general overall health is boosted by an increase in blood and lymph circulation and enhancement of muscle tone and flexibility.” Body wraps relieve muscular tension, spasms, and pain. They can also help intestinal gas, reduce heart rate, and calm animals who may be nervous from traveling.

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Aromatherapy For Dogs

Aromatherapy in conjunction with dog massages and body wraps will help your pet temper hyperactivity, reduce anxiety, and end motion sickness. These benefits can do wonders for a dog that needs a pick me up, especially after a long flight or car ride.

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Pet Manicures For Dogs

Many dog spas offer nail trimming and filing as part of their spa services. Top dog spas in Europe offer additional services including paw soaks, pad massages, steam towels, and a gentle paw massage. A proper pet manicure helps to heal paws damaged by gravel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavements. You can also bring in a specially formulated dog nail polish to the spa attendant. This line from Dog Fashion Spa is sure to give your pup’s paws a pop of color as they explore their holiday destination.

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The Best Spa Treatments For Dogs in Europe

The Arch, London

Look no further than The Arch, London for one of the most indulgent dog experiences in London. The Arch accepts breeds of all shapes and sizes and guarantees that your pet will enjoy their stay as much as you do This hotel offers your dog the most luxurious pet beds in town and has a chef on staff who cooks up made to order meals for your furry friend. While you enjoy a deep tissue massage and facial at the human spa, book your dog at the Chelsea’s Pet Day Spa, where you can treat your best friend with a variety of treatments designed to pamper your pet.

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Dog In The City, Paris, France

At Dog In The City every single service will make your dog feel happy and healthy. One look at their services page and your dog will be panting with excitement. Some highlights are the Aromatherapy Anti-stress Massage and Thalassotherapy which is a treatment with mud and clay designed for relaxation, well-being, and beauty. The ambiance of this salon revolves around pets and makes them feel comfortable as soon as they arrive.

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Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy

The Belmond Hotel Splendido overlooks a picturesque bay where you and your dog can daydream while watching beautiful yachts. The Belmond is known for it’s sharing its luxury with four-legged friends from all over Europe. They even offer pet-sized bathrobes for your dog! Dogs can ride a personal taxi to the dog beach, order canine room service, and enjoy a relaxing massage. The Belmond makes it effortless to bring your pets along and give them a cushy stay while you soak up all the hotel has to offer.

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The Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, United Kingdom

Enjoy your holiday at Gleneagles while your four-legged companion can learn some manners at the doggie training spa. Upon arrival, many dogs and their owners are offered a room with a private garden so your dog can relax in private while sniffing the great outdoors. This expansive property offers numerous hikes for you to enjoy together. The most popular hikes are around the shooting fields. Your dogs can drool over hawks, rabbits, and deer while enjoying spectacular mountain views.

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Rome Cavalieri in Rome, Italy

For the utmost in luxury, head to Rome, Italy where you and your dog can lay your heads to rest just minutes from the Vatican. The Rome Cavalieri offers royal treatment for pets and owners. Your furry friend will receive a special menu just for doggies, walking and sitting services, and even a personalized cashmere sweater! The staff can take your dog to La Domus Aventina, a local doggy spa, for shampooing, a massage, skin treatments, and a stylish comb-out while you enjoy pampering at the main hotel. The spa experience includes the ozonoterapico treatment, which is used to make your dogs skin as healthy as possible.

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The Pet Spa, London

Before heading out to meet the Queen, a pit stop at The Pet Spa is essential. You can treat your dog to an exfoliating or moisturizing facial by a spa attendant who will give your cherished pet their undivided attention. The Sparkle Treatment is a must especially if you and your dog have plans for the evening while visiting London. The team will prepare your dog for a night on the town. You and your dog choose a shimmer spray color along with a bow tie for boys or a pretty pink ribbon for girls.

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No matter how you choose to pamper your pets, dogs will love you unconditionally. Show them you love them in return by treating them to one of these fabulous spa treatments for dogs in Europe!

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