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Dog Training Videos - Puppy Training - You And Your Puppy- Sit - Part 6

Dog Training Videos – Puppy Training – You And Your Puppy- Sit – Part 6

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03/18/2017 Dog Training Videos – Puppy Training – You And Your Puppy- Sit – Part 6 Carolyn: It’s really nice to see Azlan. You don’t see very many Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Why did you choose to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback? Andrew: Oh, it’s such a dose all breed. Carolyn: Yeah, look at him. Andrew: It’s […]


Dog Training Videos – Puppy Training – You And Your Puppy- Sit – Part 6

Carolyn: It's really nice to see Azlan. You don't see very many Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Why did you choose to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Andrew: Oh, it's such a dose all breed.

Carolyn: Yeah, look at him.

Andrew: It's like it's favorite past time is sleeping.

Carolyn: How old is he now?

Andrew: He's about 15, 16 …

Veronica: 16.

Andrew: 16 weeks.

Carolyn: So he's still only a baby especially for such a big breed. So when you're thinking about training Azlan one of the things you've got to remember is that training puppies, it's the same as training adult dogs except you've got to make a game. They should learn that listening to you and doing what you want is just like a really fun little game for them.

Andrew: So how soon can we start training?

Carolyn: You can start training your puppy from the very minute that you bring him home. Just the thing you have to remember is with puppies no leads, no pushing and pulling, this is all got to be about a game. You want your puppy to do what you tell him whether it's sitting or whatever it is that you ask him because you got him to think and not because you pulled him around. The number of puppies of that go onto be scared of people's hands because they've been pushed or pulled around from the people who have been training them. And with a breed like this who's going to grow to be about that size and is bred to hunt lions you don't want them scared of your hand. So let's go and have a go and see how we get on.

Andrew: Okay. After you.

Carolyn: So we're going to start right at the very, very beginning of teaching a sit. Now remember what we're talking about earlier we're going to do a off lead because you've got to be exciting enough and inspiring enough and he's got to think this is a game. And apart from that you're teaching him to stay with you and that's what we want our puppies to do more than anything else is all the time to be looking to us and following us. So first thing – no lead.

So to start with you him really, really interested in the treat. Go ahead look at this, what is this? And I'm going to hold the treat on the end of his nose and what I'm going to do is I'm going to lift my hand and the treat up and back over. And when his head goes up his bottom hopefully will go down. Oh, you're so clever. Good boy. What a superstar. So treat on the nose, nose up, bottom down. Good boy. He is really, really good at this, he's really fast.

Some dogs get a little bit wiggly and sometimes you might want to do it up against the sofa or in the corner to stop them wiggling around. You are too clever. And then practice this lots. Keep your sessions really short, maybe five or ten minutes a day, treat on the nose, nose up, bottom down, then treat. And just practice that three, four or five times a day until … Oh, you're so good, he gets it right every time.

Veronica: So when we can add the command sit to the action?

Carolyn: Well, not yet, because we're still on the floor. So the next thing to do is to actually stand up. And then what I want him to do is really start focusing on me and starting to use his brain a little bit. So again taking the treat, when he gets to me … Oh, you are so clever. Because he already has it in is mind that if he puts his bottom on the ground when I look at him and ask for something, he gets a treat. Isn't he fab? So he's got no idea that he's learning. But all the time he's just soaking it in and all the time he's turning around to look at me to see how to behave. Yes, you are so good. And that's the secret of training puppies. It's just about making it fun and everything you do with your puppy is to try and get his focus on you. So Andrew, do you want a go?

Andrew: Yes, please. I'd love to.

Carolyn: Okay, first and most importantly treat bag. There we go. And as soon as you got the treat bag take a treat out, show him you've got it so that he knows he's working for you now and not me. And then what I want you to do is just take a few steps away from him, show him you got the treat. I don't have it anymore. Yeah, take a few steps away from him and then start lovely and throw the treat. Really nice. Get another treat out, show him you've got it. Fantastic and throw the treat. The minute you see his bottom touch the ground he's got to be in no doubt that just putting his bottom on the ground is what's making you throw the treat. He's got to think he's training you. I put my bottom down he throws the treat. Fantastic.

Now he's getting the hang of it. Now you can start to put the sit word in. So what I want you to do is when you see his bottom start to go down like that, that's when you put the word in. Because you want to link that word sit to his bottom going on the ground. Good, well done. One more.

Andrew: Sit.

Carolyn: Oh, brilliant. He is such a good boy. Do you know, I think he's got it.

Veronica: Oh, he nailed it.

Carolyn: Is Andrew always that well train?

Veronica: I don't know, but he's really good.

Carolyn: Good cooking. That's the answer.

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